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What is hydroculture?

What is hydroculture?

Plant cultivation on hydroculture is growing on water. The potting soil has been replaced by clay granules. Plants grown on hydroculture remain beautiful, powerful and healthy. The fact that they are very easy to maintain makes them ideal for living in offices and public buildings.

A plant that grows in water develops water roots

Water contains less oxygen than potting soil. In order to be able to absorb sufficient oxygen, the plant must adapt and that is done by developing water roots. Water roots are fleshy and only slightly branched.

Every planter can be made suitable for hydroculture. A water level meter indicates when the water reservoir needs to be replenished. That makes it very easy to maintain the plant.

Plenty of choice
We offer a wide variety of hydroplants that we have grown ourselves. We supply the plants in the planters specially developed for hydroponics. What do you prefer? Natural, metal, design, ceramics, plastic? We offer a wide choice.

Interior landscaping or information needed?
VLM Hydrocultuur provides elegant office planting for a fair price. Our employees are happy to advise you: +31 (0) 162 68 72 94.

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