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The best location

When hydroplants have shiny green leaves, it means that they are in the right place.

A healthy plant in an office garden:Environment is very important for hydroplants. A healthy plant is a plant that feels good in the place where it is.The right location depends on the type of plant.

If there is daylight and the temperature is fifteen degrees celsius, then there are many possibilities.
Where a soil plant can grow, a plant based on hydroculture can do the same.Our planting consultants know exactly which plant is where it stands best. They like to come along to see the possibilities.
Silk plants In buildings where no natural light enters, hydroculture is not a possibility. Silk plants are a good alternative in this case. We can also provide this at VLM.

Call one of our advisers: +31 (0) 162 68 72 94.

Plants can have stress. A plant that moves from our nursery to the office, the living room or a public building can drop leaves from pure stress. Do not be alarmed, the plant is stressed, it still has to get used to it. That acclimatization can take a few weeks, be kind to your plant.

Stabilization nutrition
Plant growth means more maintenance, so we provide stabilization nutrition. This keeps your plants nice, but they do not grow extremely.
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