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Healthy, graceful and easy

VLM Hydrocultuur sells atmosphere and health, as we always say.

An office or interior with plants looks attractive and cozy and the more plants there are inside, the healthier the living environment, because plants purify the air.

Office planting is a good idea, why?
The benefits of office planting have often been demonstrated by scientists. Through their leaves, plants convert water, sunlight and gases into oxygen. Employees feel fitter and more energetic because of that extra oxygen than in a room without plants.
A healthy, oxygen-rich air at work brings benefits such as:

Good air quality prevents complaints

Good air quality prevents complaints such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue and dry eyes. In offices where plants are located, absenteeism factors such as stress and fatigue are visibly reduced.

VLM Hydrocultuur supplies everything around office planting for a fair price.

Why hydroplants instead of earth plants? 
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